People On The Grid with Fintan Kerr

Fintan Kerr is 28-years-old and originally from Macclesfield, England. He moved to Barcelona almost six years ago, to experience a new and better way of life. Once in Barcelona, Fintan’s adventurer side took control and Fintan would wander down to the local wine shop where I was living in the Born, Bodega Maestrazgo, and try a different wine, read a book and have a light dinner. Soon, his evening would be the best part of his day. Continue reading “People On The Grid with Fintan Kerr”

The Future Is Now: Virtual Reality Edition

We already told you that in 2017 virtual reality is going to be on of the biggest trends, and will skyrocket in use. To see where we are now with VR, we should look at where we started off. I was at a Facebook 360 presentation the other day, and in it, they said: “virtual reality is a trial and error process, you try it out, it doesn’t work, you start over again.” Before I go any further, I guess I should explain what Virtual Reality (VR) is. It’s pretty straight forward. VR is a computer-generated environment. When you put on the VR headset you ‘step’ into a different virtual world. Hence, Virtual Reality. Continue reading “The Future Is Now: Virtual Reality Edition”

Six Degrees of Separation and Virtual Communities

“I’ve read somewhere that everybody on this planet is separated by only 6 other people – six degrees of separation. How everyone is a new door, opening into other worlds”

The quote above is from the movie Six Degrees of Separation (1993). What is pretty neat is that I can be connected to Leonardo DiCaprio – it’s just a matter of finding those right 6 connections. With technology, those connections are easier to find and create. But, technology has also caused face-to-face interactions to be replaced with face-to-screen interactions. Continue reading “Six Degrees of Separation and Virtual Communities”

Pay It Forward: The Social Coin

pay-it-forwardHave you ever turned on the news on your TV and realized everything you are hearing is negative? The world is filled with a lot of negativity and depressing events that can lead people to lose faith in humanity. Luckily, our faith in humanity often becomes restored by random acts of kindness. Continue reading “Pay It Forward: The Social Coin”

People On The Grid with Dot Lung

Today we sat down and chatted with Dot Lung. A social media strategist – and of course we talked about Social Media Strategy. But a major topic of interest was about 360 Videos. Dot originally comes from America – with a degree in psychology and media find out how she got to where she is now!

Continue reading “People On The Grid with Dot Lung”