People On The Grid with Jeannette Meier

This week on People On The Grid had the opportunity to speak with Jeannette Meier, the founder YouTooday and the PiMovement! YouTooday is an organization that supports social Innovation by connecting business with PiMakers (positive impact makers) to make a difference in the world. Before starting YoouTuday in Barcelona, she was a business consultant to the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Copenhagen! Originally Swiss but born in Venezuela, Jeannette has spent her life living around the world and has learnt to speak five different languages! Learn about her path altering decision to leave her New York life behind and follow her passion to Barcelona in 2012. Jeannette believes that to make a positive change you must start with your self. For this is the reason, she has dedicated her life’s work to promoting cooperate social responsibility and empowering individuals to find their purpose. Learn more about Jeannette, Youtooday and the PiMovement here!

‘Guiri on The Grid’ and Hush Hush Comedy

This Thursday Guiri On The Grid hosts Lucy and Hannah, the talented minds behind Hush Hush Comedy! Hush Hush comedy is a show that is part of the popular Barcelona comedy community called Just Kidding. Although comedy is their passion, both of these talented women led eclectic double lives. Lucy, originally from the Dominican Republic is a “medical resident by day and comic by night”. Hannah, originally form the United States, is an active member of the comedy community and is part of multiple comedy groups. Hannah and Lucy carefully select each comic that performs at the Hush Hush comedy shows to ensure only the highest quality for their audience. The comedic duo were brought together by their mutual admiration for each other’s performances and a shared passion for comedy. Today, we find out how this all female comedy show, combines unique venues and top performers to transform a regular show into a comedic experience. Also tune in to learn more about Barcelona comedy scene; differences between English and Spanish comedy, the life of a performing comedian, the story behind the name Hush Hush and much more!


People On The Grid With Francesca Oddie

Today we are talking to Francesca Oddie, a passionate astrologer. A few years ago, her curiosity led her to make a major career change. She has attended the London School of Astrology, and The London College of Psychic Studies. She believes that a person’s chart can explain who they are, and what drives them. Her ultimate goal is to help people heal from emotional anxiety, insomnia, tension in the body, relationship disasters and to help people trust their instinct and flourish.


You can find her on her website, and listen to our podcast below!


‘Guiri on The Grid’ with Kat and Nick from Bicilona

Today on the podcast we are speaking with Kat and Nick from Bicilona, Bike Tours Barcelona. Bicilona offers bike tours of Barcelona, believing that even a hard day on a bike is better than a good day in the office. On their bike tours, you can concentrate on the fun and excitement of exploring the city while they take care of the hassle. Founded by a group of friends, they have a deep admiration for Catalonia and believe there is more to the area than the Sagrada Familia.

They offer a wealth of tours, including ones in Sitges, Badalona, Tibidabo, Girona, Barcelona, Montgat, and Castelldefels. They have tours for everyone, even the biking experts. They even offer personalized bike tours that can range up to a week long!


You can visit them on their website, and listen to our podcast below!



People On The Grid with Leo Bentley From HR Network Barcelona

Today we are speaking with Leo Bentley, from Barcelona Human Resources Network! Barcelona Human Resources Network was created to improve the HR environment in Barcelona. This concept was inspired by the growth seen in recent years in the technology sector in Barcelona. Since then, many have been calling the Catalan capital the European Silicon Valley. Leo created the group to offer to the best talent available in order to aid the continued growth of the technology sector in the Condal city.
As of July 2017 Barcelona Human Resource has grown to 1150 members since beginning in December 2016. In that time they have held 5 events for HR professionals with 4 different speakers covering the following topics: Digitilisations Effect On Working Practices, Big Data & HR Analytics, Career Development: Deep-diving Into re: Work By Google and Tech Recruitment.
Find them on their website, here, and listen to our podcast below!


Religion bcn

Guiri On The Grid With Emilia Celona From Religion BCN

Today we spoke to Emilia Celona, music lover and founder of Religion BCN! Religion BCN is a Barcelona brand focused on performing arts. As a promoter and an artistic agency, some might also call them talent managers. Religion’s specialty is to create different events depending on the place, carefully selecting artists for each unique atmosphere. They also believe that dialogue between arts is an essential part of today’s events, which is how they offer more to their clients. Continue reading “Guiri On The Grid With Emilia Celona From Religion BCN”


Guiri On The Grid With Julie and Charlotte of D’Un Comme Un Accord

Today we are interviewing Julie and Charlotte of D’Un Comme Un Accord! Julie is a hair stylist, and Charlotte is a fashion designer and seamstress. Their shop, located in El Born, was designed to combine hair, art, and fashion. D’Un Comme Un Accord is an organic hairdressing salon, an artisan fashion shop and a space dedicated to the art of all kinds. There you can also find the collections of the brand D’Un Comme Un Accord, and other items to round out the collection. Their services are tailored to each customer’s needs as well, offering personalised advice, and touch-ups. Overall, their philosophy is to focus on quality and creativity.

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I Am Tomorrow

People On The Grid with Kiran Maverick of I Am Tomorrow

This week we interviewed Kiran Maverick, founder of ‘I am Tomorrow’ and August Fest. We discussed the first edition of the ‘I am Tomorrow’ conference that took place in Barcelona. The conference is meant to bring together women from multiple fields, including science and tech, arts, sports, and others. We are looking forward to being at the next one in London on 14th September, where we will be hosting a panel discussion with some of the speakers! Future events of I am Tomorrow will take place in London, Prague, Lisbon, Istanbul, and Cluj.

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Guiri On The Grid with Javier Navarro

Today on Guiri On The Grid, we are talking to the artist behind El Dios De Los Tres, Javier Navarro. Javier is an artist and illustrator based out of Madrid and Barcelona. He is considered a multidisciplinary artist, who likes to create images, symbols, aesthetics and stories from his particular vibrant colourful world with a surrealist and baroque style.

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