Promoting Innovative People, Projects & Communities

What We Do


Promoting your project and ideas through a variety of mixed-media and strategic approaches that best fit your vision.

Content Creation

Mixed-media content in the form of interviews, podcasts, events, video, workshops, and community building both on and off-line.

Community Building

Working to bring you closer to your audience and communities through a collaborative, hands on approach.

  • Watch Katrina Logie's Interview with Jordan Fantaay at Mobile World Congress 2016

Our Network

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People On The Grid

People On The Grid is my platform to promote innovative people and projects that are making an impact on our society. We produce mix-media content with the goal of helping you and your project gain positive awareness and connect to your audience globally.

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Gastronomic Madness

At People On The Grid, we like to connect to our communities through food, wine and entrepreneurship. Gastronomic madness is about combining innovative ideas and people with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


I am a communications specialist and community thought leader.  I promote innovative people and projects that are creating change in our society. People On The Grid (POTG) is my network of talented people that I believe in and promote. POTG is where quality content is created.


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