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Communications Strategy

If you have a new idea or project that you are looking to get off the ground, I can help you strategise your idea and connect you with the right audience. I come up with creative ideas and solutions to build you and your business.

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I moderate and interview at conferences. I connect and interact well with the audience and facilitates questions relating to the topic and panel discussions. I improvise to facilitate an interesting outcome whilst interacting and educating the audience.

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Talent Matching

I match you with the right people who are looking for synergy amongst talent and skills, ideally suited for your business. Get in touch if you are interested and we can find your perfect match.

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Community Engagement

Get inspired, find your audience, and connect with your community. I create content on and offline to provide opportunities for people to expand their minds and communities. I think outside of the box to connect you with your people.


meet katrina

Connect - Collaborate - Innovate - Expand

I am a communications specialist and community thought leader. I promote innovative people and projects that are creating change in our society. I create content and ideas that connects you to your audience and communities. People On The Grid (POTG) is my network of talented people that I believe in and promote. POTG is where quality content is created. We produce mixed-media content in the form of interviews, events, workshops, videos, and podcasts and community building both on and off-line. Our mission is to help you and your project gain awareness and connect you to your audience globally.

The Collective

Bringing Creative Ideas Into Focus

Olivia Gauss

Project Manager
Olivia specializes in branding/communication both online & offline. She has experience with account management & network coordination, content copywriting and video production.

Lidia Medina

Event Manager
Lidia is an expert in event management, marketing and public relations. She has experience working for successful organizations, both charitable and profit driven. Lidia is also the marketing and PR manager at NOE Group!

Jo Turnbull

Digital Marketing
Jo has over nine years experience in website design, development and online marketing and SEO! She is also a multi-linguist, speaking fluent French and intermediate Japanese and Spanish.

Robin Lindgren

Digital Media & Business Development
Robin Lindgren is our Digital Media and Business Developer. He is the owner of his own platform called Raw Motions. He is a videographer and editor, based in Barcelona.

Valentina Cristofoli

Conscious Business Marketing Specialist
Valentina is an Online Marketing Strategist/Consultant. She has a degree in Marketing & Advertising and a Master degree in Internet Business and ten years experiance.

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