Connector-Community Builder-Empowering Talent

Katrina was born and bred in London and has lived and worked in Italy as well as Sydney gaining experience pre Olympics in 2000 and now Barcelona, Spain, following her grandmothers footsteps who was an artist living in Spain. Katrina combines her passion for creative and business and uses her skills to help people launch their projects. Her passion is to help people grow their business through creative strategy and content and she is particularly interested in the future of work, connecting and empowering talent and combining technology with wellness with the focus to empower people in the work place. Katrina likes to build on people reaching their full potential through learning and development and connecting talent to the right organisation, where purpose, conscious values and passion are at the forefront. Katrina loves to bring people together through building communities on and off line. You can also find her interviewing at live events and conferences, moderating panels and interviewing CEOs of companies online related to future of work.

People and Projects I have worked with