People On the Grid with Imogen Heap


Today we talked to Imogen Heap a talented singer, songwriter, record producer, and audio engineer as well. Imogen is known for her involvement in electronic music, different projects as well as involvement with various artists. Her songs were featured in a number of TV shows, movies etc. During the interview, Imogen elaborates on both her past experience in the music industry in addition to her current and future works in the technological aspect of the business.

People On The Grid with Sorin Tomus

Today on the show we talked to Sorin Tomus, one of our speakers for our upcoming Round Table Discussion on Purposeful Leadership. Sorin has dedicated his career to leadership development and coaching. He embodies the practice of purposeful leadership in his work and helps foster healthy work culture.

Listen to his thoughts on the difference between a good and a great leader.



People On The Grid with Waldemar Ramos

Today on the show we will be talking to Waldemar Ramos. Waldemar is a collage artist from Brazil who creates collages that are inspired by his personal interests. He also used his work as a form of political criticism by integrating political messages and into his work.


Tune in to learn about Waldemar’s work and where he finds his inspiration and messaging behind it.

The Business of Social Media

Social media. Everyone has it, everyone uses it. In the past couple of years, it has seemingly dominated the internet, with mega-platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter getting the most attention. They are immensely popular, generating hundreds of millions of users from around the globe. The companies are worth billions and their CEOs are among the richest people in the world. Between July and September of 2016, Facebook saw $7 billion US in revenue. Since their services are free to users, you might wonder how they actually make money.

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Buzzword: Innovation

Continuing our Buzzword series, this week we are looking at the word innovation. More and more, the word gets tossed around and overused by businesses trying to seem like they’re on the forefront of something. But what does it really mean? Well, according to Merriam-Webster, it means to “introduce something new,” or “a new idea, method, or device.” Continue reading “Buzzword: Innovation”

Why Are Communities So Important?

As a direct result of the social human nature, we have always been prone to finding those who are like us. Through friendship, shared interest, or even business, we form small communities of like-minded people. You live in a physical community of houses and neighbours, you work in a professional community of business and experts, and your friends represent a social community.

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The Slow Movement Revolution

In the fast-paced global era that we live in today, worldwide companies and organizations branch from one continent to the next. Odds are, if you look at any given product in your house, it was grown or made in another country, in unknown conditions, and then shipped over to you. Because of this, a counterculture movement has emerged: the slow movement.

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Music: Can Listening To It Make You More Productive?

The question whether listening to music makes you productive, as simple as it sounds, is still hugely contested. Many are sceptical, preferring silence to beats, but here’s thing: there are many surprising benefits to listening to music that- even if you’re a silence ‘purist’- may be worth revisiting. In our busy offices and busy lives perhaps music can even help, rather than hinder, our productivity?

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Buzzwords vs. Buzzlanguage: Which Do You Use

Every day, we live in a world that feeds us a near endless run of business words at work, in the media, and online. Everyone from corporate managers to motivational speakers often use the same words to motivate, instruct, and guide their employees. These terms are words that can either help, or they can be used as filler, without real meaning or understanding. Today, we are going to discuss the difference between Buzzword and Buzzlanguage.

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