Today on the show we are talking to Priscilla Lavoie, the CEO of Bida, a subscription-based app that provides users with one free drink a day at different bars all around Barcelona. 

Originally from Montreal, Priscilla is no stranger to start-ups, beginning her career working in sales and marketing for an early stage start-up company.

Since then, she has moved to Barcelona and has created Bida, the genius little app that gives the user a free drink a day at different bars all around Barcelona. So how does it work? It after downloading the app and signing up, members receive one free drink a day at any of the bars partnered with the app. Bida itself will show you the bars closest to you, and the drinks they have available. You just have to show the bartender your app to collect the free drink. New bars are added each day, making it easy to find something new and exciting every time you open the app.This not only helps users discover the best places in town but also helps local restaurants draw in new customers.


To find out more about the app listen to our podcast and visit their website,



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