People On the Grid with Imogen Heap

  Today we talked to Imogen Heap a talented singer, songwriter, record producer, and audio engineer as well. Imogen is known for her involvement in electronic music, different projects as well as involvement with various artists. Her songs were featured in a number of TV shows, movies etc. During the interview, Imogen elaborates on both Read more about People On the Grid with Imogen Heap[…]

People On The Grid with Fem Music

Today on the podcast we talk to the wonderful ladies behind Fem Music. Mercedes de Jesus is a producer for Akelarre Productions which aims to support and promote female musicians. Julia Vigeas is also on the show and is a musician for the Fem Music event. We talk about sexism in the music industry, confidence, Read more about People On The Grid with Fem Music[…]

Music: Can Listening To It Make You More Productive?

The question whether listening to music makes you productive, as simple as it sounds, is still hugely contested. Many are sceptical, preferring silence to beats, but here’s thing: there are many surprising benefits to listening to music that- even if you’re a silence ‘purist’- may be worth revisiting. In our busy offices and busy lives perhaps music can even help, rather than hinder, our productivity?


People On The Grid Interview with Cinematic Tales

People On The Grid with Cinematic Tales

In this, People On The Grid, we chatted with Anna Mastrolitto and Michelle Hardiman from Cinematic Tales, an event concept produced by LiveSoundtracks and Short&Sweet. Anna and Michelle discuss how the event came to be. As well as their common dreams and aspirations: to educate, inspire and empower through the medium of film, video-art and audio-visual concepts.


People On The Grid Interview with Alexia Chellun

People On The Grid with Alexia Chellun

In this People On The Grid, we get to know Alexia Chellun, a singer-songwriter who is launching her new album called ‘Open’. With her soothing and relaxing voice, she performs for us acoustic versions of her latest songs: “All That Remains”, “Open” and “Take Your Destiny”.


People On The Grid Interview with Sober Season

People On The Grid with Sober Season

Meet Sober Season! A new band formed recently in BCN! This gang of 16 and 17-year-olds are already competing in festivals such as Shout and Play and Emergenza! Listen here to find out the hidden meaning behind the Band’s name, and hear them talk about their passion for music.