People On The Grid with Jeff Bacon of Utopia House


Today on the show we will be talking about music intelligence and real-time marketing which Jeff Bacon’s innovative record label and publisher, Utopia House. From London, UK, Jeff went to the University of Reading and now lives in Barcelona.


His career in music began as an artist, squeezing in rehearsals and concerts around sales roles in telecoms and electronic publishing. Jeff Bacon was vocalist and songwriter for Dirtburg, a hip hop band, and has since semi-retired. He combined his love for the mechanics of the music industry with his business development skills to help business people to understand music and music people to do better business.


Utopia is a modern record label and a publisher with a unique music intelligence and real-time marketing platform founded in 2016. This record label aims to capture and catapult great artists into today’s highly competitive world of music and entertainment. They use cutting edge technology, deep data analytics, and insight into music and social sphere to enhance artist’s creative talent. Utopia Music challenges the status quo and makes the music world better for everyone.


To learn more about Utopia House or Jeff Bacon visit: or on LinkedIn at

You can also listen to Dirt Burg’s tracks at:



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