Continuing our segment on buzzwords, today we are looking at influencers, what and who they are, and what it means to be one.

Lately, more than ever, the word influencer has been tossed around a lot, but what does it really mean? An influencer is someone with an above average impact on any given niche process, meaning they can intentionally or unintentionally shape their particular area of expertise. This can exist in any field, from fashion and arts to food and service, to technology and business.

What is an Influencer?

In the business world, however, an influencer has a very specific meaning. An influencer can single-handed affect who is buying what, when, and where, effectively controlling the purchasing decisions of your clientele. Though you may be unaware of them and them of you, they can make or break a business before it’s even off the ground.

And why is this? Why are consumers so ready to believe what influencer tell them? Well, for starters, influencers have a unique power that comes through their perceived knowledge and expertise. People don’t usually luck into the position of influence, they have typically earned it through smart business decisions and a fair amount of success. Their authority in their field is usually well earned, and that is why consumers believe them.


What can influencers do for you?

So how do you use influencers to your advantage? A technique called influencer marketing has become increasingly popular lately. This technique uses a specific strategy of targeting your marketing toward key individuals, or influencers, rather than a large target market. Then, using testimonials and exposure, you can use the influencer’s power to share your business.

Another benefit of working with influencers is that they can often provide social and professional relationships that can help advance your business. Influencers also typically have a very personalised and authentic relationship with their following, which creates a loyalty and effectiveness other methods do not.


Who are they?

So who are the influencers? It varies by field and location, with hundreds of people reigning over the business world and social media, with a following that ranges in the hundreds of thousands. Let’s take a look at some of the influencers out there today, and what they represent.

  1. Isabel Delima Jordan is a healthy and active living guru from Alicante, in the south-east of Spain. With an Instagram following of 166 thousand, she also has a successful website and business, under the name of “Vita Fit y Activa” with everything from beauty trends to work out routines to must try recipes. With a focus on fitness, Jordan continues to influence the healthy lifestyle scene.
  2. Chris Stoikos, a 28-year-old Torontonian, has been responsible for the creation of two immensely successful businesses, Coolbox and Dollar Beard Club, before his 30th birthday. Known for the creation of viral videos, this young business superstar has generated over a 100 million video views, a lucrative Shark Tank deal, and tens of millions of dollars in sales.
  3. Alicia y Victor, also known as The Acoak, are a Barcelona-based art couple who started a photography and writing blog together. Alicia hand-writes tender poems on white cards while Victor shoots breathtaking photographs. With almost 25 thousand Instagram followers and a published novel, they are shaping the Barcelona art and literature scene.
  4. Emma Jones is an author and small business expert from the UK, and founder of the small business network called Enterprise Nation. Launched in 2006, Enterprise Nation is also campaigning to the British government and media on behalf of its members. With over 30 thousand Twitter followers and sway in the public sector, Jones represents a significant voice in the small business community.

In conclusion, influencers are not one type of person who finds their success from one tried and true method. However, they all share two qualities: they are experts in what they do and have earned their right to the title through hard work. 

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