The Conscious Sale By Taran Hughes

This week we are featuring Taran Hughes, who will be hosting our upcoming The Grid Workshops, The Conscious Sale, June 7th, 7-9pm at Cloud Coworking, Calle Sardenya 229, Barcelona.

Like many writers on the web today I was going to share with you my 3 steps to mindfulness in business, that silver bullet to transform your crazy busy lifestyle into a harmonic oneness with all that is commercial. However, I realise for many that concept is just a string of meaningless words. For some it has resonance but for many, it’s still just a topic people are talking about to make people more productive in what they do.


Buzzword: What is an Influencer?

Continuing our segment on buzzwords, today we are looking at influencers, what and who they are, and what it means to be one.

Lately, more than ever, the word influencer has been tossed around a lot, but what does it really mean? An influencer is someone with an above average impact on any given niche process, meaning they can intentionally or unintentionally shape their particular area of expertise. This can exist in any field, from fashion and arts to food and service, to technology and business.


BCN Honey Festival

People On The Grid with BCN Honey Festival

Although the Honey Festival might be new to Barcelona, Steve Rogenstein has been one of two organisers of the NYC Honey Festival in New York. Using his experience, he has prepared a unique and delicious festival that will be fun for the whole family. Come by the Parc de la Ciutadella the BCN Honey Festival on May 20, because it will be too sweet to miss. (more…)

People On The Grid Interview with Gin Raw

People On The Grid with Mediterranean Premium Spirits S.L – Gin Raw

This week’s People On The Grid Podcast, we met with Luis Jauregui, a co-founder of Gin Raw. Gin Raw is a Gastronomic Gin made by experts from different corners of the world of gastronomy including; a chef, a sommelier, and a mixologist. Luis comes from high-end and luxury marketing and uses this knowledge and passion for the gastronomic trend into a Barcelona beverage; Gin Raw. Learn more by listening to our podcast! (more…)

People On The Grid Interview with MyBarrio

People On The Grid with MyBarrio

Catch this week’s podcast with Hortense Giraud, the powerful woman behind MyBarrio. This week’s topic; innovative fashion concepts. Hortense is the founder of MyBarrio, an on and offline space and collective bringing together creative individuals and design lovers. The project is dedicated to connecting these people and to hunt local design treasures around the Barcelona area.