‘Guiri on The Grid’ and Hush Hush Comedy

This Thursday Guiri On The Grid hosts Lucy and Hannah, the talented minds behind Hush Hush Comedy! Hush Hush comedy is a show that is part of the popular Barcelona comedy community called Just Kidding. Although comedy is their passion, both of these talented women led eclectic double lives. Lucy, originally from the Dominican Republic is a “medical resident by day and comic by night”. Hannah, originally form the United States, is an active member of the comedy community and is part of multiple comedy groups. Hannah and Lucy carefully select each comic that performs at the Hush Hush comedy shows to ensure only the highest quality for their audience. The comedic duo were brought together by their mutual admiration for each other’s performances and a shared passion for comedy. Today, we find out how this all female comedy show, combines unique venues and top performers to transform a regular show into a comedic experience. Also tune in to learn more about Barcelona comedy scene; differences between English and Spanish comedy, the life of a performing comedian, the story behind the name Hush Hush and much more!

People On The Grid with Oscar Valls

Meet Oscar Valls

This week we interviewed Oscar Valls, a Barcelona local with an extensive collection of business ventures and projects. Oscar is the Co-founder of MOB&PAU, a Co-founder of Bravo Beach (Siargao) & The Bird House (Barcelona). Continue reading “People On The Grid with Oscar Valls”

People On The Grid with Uay Balam

If there was one place that I could live for the rest of my life where would it be? A bakery, more specifically Uay Balam. This lovely bakery is located in Gracia and has two wonderful owners. During our interview, we talked desserts, Mayan synchrony and more. Continue reading “People On The Grid with Uay Balam”

People On The Grid with Ian Gibbs

In this week’s People On The Grid, we meet with Ian Gibbs. Ian is a life coach, author and trainer originally from Sheffield, England. He helps people to achieve their goals and find success in their lives using the Sorites Principle and other individual and group techniques. Ian has dedicated his life to education, personal development and life coaching. Listen to People on the Grid to learn more about his work and his novel.

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People On The Grid with The Sex Academy

This time on People on The Grid, we talk with The Sex Academy. For those who are unfamiliar with all things sexual, The Sex Acadamy is here to help. We start off our conversation about the stigma associated with talking about sex. Parents struggle to talk about sex with their children, with our friends, and with our partners. The basics are taught about protection and safe sex in school but we are never taught on how to experience sex, where the pleasure comes from Continue reading “People On The Grid with The Sex Academy”

People On The Grid with Jürgen Salenbacher

Jürgen Salenbacher currently teaches in Barcelona. He is a facilitator and coach with extensive experience in education, design, and business.

Jürgen is also a specialist in design, branding and the creative economy. His interest and experience in these sectors lead him to write his first book Creative Personal Branding.

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People On The Grid with Food Inno

Food Inno. Wow. What a way to become change makers and facilitate community and problem-solving. This one-day idea building competition will gather together the most passionate foodies, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and innovation lovers for a session of problem-solving, aiming to rapidly prototype innovative solutions that the food industry needs today.

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People On The Grid with Nuria Palma

In this week’s People On The Grid podcast, we chatted with Nuria Palma, a Communication Manager at Valkiria Hub space. We discussed the World Work Innovation Summit 2016. This year’s conference was a great success with more than 100 participants. The Summit welcomes all and has many different dynamics surrounding the topic of the future of work and labour market.

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People On The Grid with Flavia Idun

In this weeks, People On The Grid podcast, we chatted with Flavia Idun. Flavia is a qualified practitioner of Kinesiology in Barcelona. She explains the benefits of Kinesiology and shows the success she has had with clients of all ages. Practicing Kinesiology helps Flavia treat a wide variety of health problems. Flavia has been practicing kinesiology for many years now, but now wants to expand from practicing to include teaching it and incorporating it into schools.

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