Motivation & Organization: Creative Journaling

February is my least favorite month of the year. Back in Canada, it’s the coldest month. February is also the month that I loose all motivation for school, exercise, eating healthy, and working hard. I don’t have any explanations for this. All I know is that in February I am sluggish. This is a bad time for this to happen because it is midterm season. The time when I need to be the most productive; but, I’m not. February is also the month when I become an unorganized mess – for me; this is a catastrophe. So for anybody lacking motivation one month into the new year. For those who have lost sight of their New Year’s resolutions, and just need a little push to keep powering through. Here are some organization tips and motivation techniques that should help put a pep-in-your-step! Continue reading “Motivation & Organization: Creative Journaling”

People On The Grid with Ian Gibbs

In this week’s People On The Grid, we meet with Ian Gibbs. Ian is a life coach, author and trainer originally from Sheffield, England. He helps people to achieve their goals and find success in their lives using the Sorites Principle and other individual and group techniques. Ian has dedicated his life to education, personal development and life coaching. Listen to People on the Grid to learn more about his work and his novel.

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10 Scientifically Proven Strategies to Help You Stay Motivated

Parmees Yazdanyar – Parmees Fit


Get & Stay Motivated

We are all aware of the negative consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. Health risk behaviors such as smoking, inactivity, unhealthy diets, alcohol and substance use and poor stress management significantly contribute to a higher risk of morbidity, disability, reduced functioning and productivity and escalating diseases. However, many of us still engage in these unhealthy behaviors even when the possible outcomes are Continue reading “10 Scientifically Proven Strategies to Help You Stay Motivated”