People On the Grid with Imogen Heap


Today we talked to Imogen Heap a talented singer, songwriter, record producer, and audio engineer as well. Imogen is known for her involvement in electronic music, different projects as well as involvement with various artists. Her songs were featured in a number of TV shows, movies etc. During the interview, Imogen elaborates on both her past experience in the music industry in addition to her current and future works in the technological aspect of the business.

Buzzword: What is an Algorithm?

Simply put an algorithm is a set of steps that gets you from point A to point B and then to the finish line. A third addition to the Buzzword series, recently, with technology becoming more and more powerful and present in practically every aspect of life. Now, this one doesn’t bother me as much as some others do, however until I started writing this post, I never actually knew what it was, just that is was used in computer coding and people were dropping it in a lot of conversations. So, what is an algorithm and why should you care about it? Continue reading “Buzzword: What is an Algorithm?”

8 Tips On How To Capture Your Video Audience

Videos are the new pictures if a picture is worth 1000 words than a 3-minute video is worth 1,000,000. In one class last semester, we read a textbook called “Watching YouTube” by Dr.Strangelove. In the textbook, he talked about how amateur videos are taking over the internet and hence the success of YouTube and other video producing, promoting, and watching platforms. Continue reading “8 Tips On How To Capture Your Video Audience”

People On The Grid with Trybe

In this week’s People On The Grid episode, Katrina interviewed co-founder of the mobile app and website Trybe. Meet Ilkka Salo. He is from Finland but has come to Barcelona recently to help the launch the Try.Be app here in Barcelona. What is Trybe? It is a mobile app and website platform that is a new approach to the purchasing of and sharing food. Continue reading “People On The Grid with Trybe”

4 New Technologies and How They Are Changing the World Around Us

The 21st Century has been a technological revolution, with every revolution, there are ups and downs and problems that need solving. Today I will be sharing five recent technologies and how they are changing our world.  Every technology has its pros and its cons, its lovers and its haters. That is just a fact of life. It is not about using the technologies in the right way to facilitate positive change, rather than threaten and increase defensiveness.  Continue reading “4 New Technologies and How They Are Changing the World Around Us”

Technology and Things Happening Around The World

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again. 2017 is the year of technology, or so it seems. Technology is rapidly expanding and is found everywhere, in every sector. Today, we are looking into things happening around the world that have ultimately been a result of technological advancement and innovative mindsets. Continue reading “Technology and Things Happening Around The World”

People On The Grid with TravelPerk

Today, our People On The Grid Podcast welcomes, Javier Suarez the Co-founder and CPO (Chief product officer) of TravelPerk. What is TravelPerk? Well, It’s a tool created for travelers by travelers. They want to change the way organizations budget, book and manage their business travel. TravelPerk offers services that cover all business travel booking needs for travel, accommodation, and other things business travelers might need like meeting rooms, car services and restaurants. Continue reading “People On The Grid with TravelPerk”

The Future Is Now: Virtual Reality Edition

We already told you that in 2017 virtual reality is going to be on of the biggest trends, and will skyrocket in use. To see where we are now with VR, we should look at where we started off. I was at a Facebook 360 presentation the other day, and in it, they said: “virtual reality is a trial and error process, you try it out, it doesn’t work, you start over again.” Before I go any further, I guess I should explain what Virtual Reality (VR) is. It’s pretty straight forward. VR is a computer-generated environment. When you put on the VR headset you ‘step’ into a different virtual world. Hence, Virtual Reality. Continue reading “The Future Is Now: Virtual Reality Edition”

People On The Grid with Food Tourism App

This week on People On The Grid by Katrina Logie, we chat about a Food Tourism App. We met with the Co-Founder of Bitemojo, Michael Weiss and the Co-Founder of Barcelona Eat Local, Marina Manasyan. In our interview, we talked about both Michael and Marina’s respective companies and then what lead them to collaborate on a project that involves two of my favourite things: food and tourism. Food-urism.  Continue reading “People On The Grid with Food Tourism App”