People On The Grid with Helena Torras

Today on the show we will be talking to Helena Torras. Helena is the co-founder and CEO of the women’s intimate health app B-wom. She uses her app to empower women by erasing the stigma surrounding women’s health.   Tune in to hear Helena’s journey to creating this app.  

Women Working International Women's Day

International Women’s Day & Women 4 Tech

Today is International Women’s Day 2k17. The theme for this year is #BEBOLDFORCHANGE. So far according to the Official IWD website, the stats show that 14,685 people have signed up – let’s get those numbers way up! The main idea of this global campaign is to “help forge a better working world” that is “a more inclusive, gender equal world.” While browsing on the International Women’s Day website (link found below), I saw some interesting information. According to the World Economic Forum, the gender gap will not close completely until 2186. This Is Not Soon Enough. (more…)