‘Guiri on The Grid’ and Hush Hush Comedy

This Thursday Guiri On The Grid hosts Lucy and Hannah, the talented minds behind Hush Hush Comedy! Hush Hush comedy is a show that is part of the popular Barcelona comedy community called Just Kidding. Although comedy is their passion, both of these talented women led eclectic double lives. Lucy, originally from the Dominican Republic is a “medical resident by day and comic by night”. Hannah, originally form the United States, is an active member of the comedy community and is part of multiple comedy groups. Hannah and Lucy carefully select each comic that performs at the Hush Hush comedy shows to ensure only the highest quality for their audience. The comedic duo were brought together by their mutual admiration for each other’s performances and a shared passion for comedy. Today, we find out how this all female comedy show, combines unique venues and top performers to transform a regular show into a comedic experience. Also tune in to learn more about Barcelona comedy scene; differences between English and Spanish comedy, the life of a performing comedian, the story behind the name Hush Hush and much more!