As a direct result of the social human nature, we have always been prone to finding those who are like us. Through friendship, shared interest, or even business, we form small communities of like-minded people. You live in a physical community of houses and neighbours, you work in a professional community of business and experts, and your friends represent a social community.

A while this has always been true, the digital age has allowed for a revolution in how we find those communities and how we interact with them. Now, with an internet connection, we can easily connect with people around the world, who would have been completely inaccessible before, whom we might not have otherwise ever met or interacted with.


The benefits of communities are clear. Humans are social creatures, we depend on others to thrive. In groups, there is a wealth of knowledge that would otherwise go untapped, simply because it would not otherwise be accessible. That is why communities are so important, they allow us to share and improve ourselves through others.


Today, we are going to be looking at three different models for how to connect these people.


Guiris En Barcelona

Guiris En Barcelona represents a social community. Guiris, meaning a foreign person in Spain, is a charming way of saying tourist. It is no secret that Barcelona is full of expats and tourists, though you might have a hard time finding them unless you know where to look.


Guiris En Barcelona does that for you. It is an only and real life platform that arranges events and gatherings for us humble Guiris, allowing this community in particular to meet. Guiris En Barcelona also allows for expats and tourists to meet part of the Spanish culture they might also miss. Their events include wine tastings, food tours, and paddle surfing! Overall, Guiris En Barcelona offers a simple and fun way to connect the expat community.



AllFoodExperts is a Barcelona-based expert-community builder. Using their online platform, they have created a venue for food experts of all kinds to come together to offer their services. They could be experts in all areas of the food industry, from marketing and packaging to health and nutrition to science and chemistry. From there, companies looking to access these communities can pay to hire these experts for as long as they need them.


In doing this, AllFoodExperts is creating a community where the value of one expert adds to the value of the whole community.


Wekow is a Barcelona-based business community. They promote themselves as more than a co-working space or business centre, but as a community of companies and entrepreneurs. In this system each part adds value to the whole, based on each company’s experience. They are essentially an entrepreneurship hub and a meeting place of a diversity of cultures. This facilitates the exchange of the knowledge and allows those who participate to easily find others in their business community.




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