Six Degrees of Separation and Virtual Communities

“I’ve read somewhere that everybody on this planet is separated by only 6 other people – six degrees of separation. How everyone is a new door, opening into other worlds”

The quote above is from the movie Six Degrees of Separation (1993). What is pretty neat is that I can be connected to Leonardo DiCaprio – it’s just a matter of finding those right 6 connections. With technology, those connections are easier to find and create. But, technology has also caused face-to-face interactions to be replaced with face-to-screen interactions. Continue reading “Six Degrees of Separation and Virtual Communities”

Creating Change: How We Try and Create Change in the World

One month into 2017 and we have already seen so much happen in the global social world. In just one month we have been apart of, heard of, supported or rejected laws, actions and human rights. Is 2017 the year of the protest? What is the purpose of marches, rallies, and protests? We want to know how do we try and create change in the world?

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Creating Connections in a Transient City

Column – By Sam Mednick



Dear Sam,

I’m finding it exceptionally hard to make and keep friends in this city. For 10 years, I’ve created strong relationships only to see people leave one by one. Now I’m missing my friends and finding it difficult to meet new ones, scared to put myself out there for fear that they’re going to leave as well. How can I create lasting connections in Barcelona?


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