Six Degrees of Separation and Virtual Communities

“I’ve read somewhere that everybody on this planet is separated by only 6 other people – six degrees of separation. How everyone is a new door, opening into other worlds”

The quote above is from the movie Six Degrees of Separation (1993). What is pretty neat is that I can be connected to Leonardo DiCaprio – it’s just a matter of finding those right 6 connections. With technology, those connections are easier to find and create. But, technology has also caused face-to-face interactions to be replaced with face-to-screen interactions. (more…)

Modern Art Around the World

In May 2016, a young man placed a pair of glasses on the ground of the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. Instead of walking by, dozens of people gathered around the irrelevant object to take photos and converse about its meaning.

Though comedic, this experiment shows just how much the definition of art has changed throughout recent years. While art has historically been characterized by its aesthetic qualities, the movement towards postmodernism has put the focus directly on a work’s ideological implications. Art doesn’t need to be beautiful in the traditional sense; it needs to elicit an emotional or mental response.

To get your dose of modern art, here’s our list of the coolest museums to find thought-provoking pieces:


Summer Solstice Around the World

This week, people all around the world will be celebrating one of the most anticipated events of the year–the summer solstice. The sun is at its highest point, resulting in the longest time between sunrise and sunset of all the other days of the year.

In most cultures throughout the world, the summer solstice is much more than just observing the tilt of the Earth in relation to the sun. It is celebrated with many festivals, rituals, and celebrations to recognize this unique day of light. Let’s go on a journey around the world to discover these diverse traditions.