People On The Grid with Dot Lung

People On The Grid Interview with Dot Lung

Today we sat down and chatted with Dot Lung. A social media strategist – and of course we talked about Social Media Strategy. But a major topic of interest was about 360 Videos. Dot originally comes from America – with a degree in psychology and media find out how she got to where she is now!

Social Media guru is only one way to describe Dot. We recently caught up with Dot at a Facebook 360 event here in Barcelona. She told us that the future of marketing and advertising is in virtual reality and 360-degree videos. Her knowledge in digital marketing creates a platform for influence with startups, festivals, and brands at the global level. She designs Facebook Marketing & Twitter Campaigns to increase anyone’s global engagement stats and community size. In hopes of turning their brands into social media mega platforms. Dot is the founder of Social Media #TRAINWRX, a monthly support group for professional socialholics that doubles as an educational Meetup for online marketing newbies!

If you need Social Media Marketing, Growth and Development solutions, Dot is the girl to call to help you get the brand recognition you deserve. Dot has many other projects around her passion of Social Media.

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