Fuel 4 Fridays: Melissa Rossi, Past, Present and Future


In this week’s Fuel4Fridays English radio episode, with our beautiful guest Melissa Rossi. Melissa tells us about some of the deepest secrets Barcelona has to offer. Melissa is famous for breaking the news about Kurt Cobain’s death. She has a very impressive resume and a journalistic guru to be reckoned with.

Melissa Rossi is no stranger to Radio and TV. And we welcome her here in Barcelona. She gives us an in-depth tale of Kurt’s death and how it came to be public. We talked about this and Melissa’s experience with telepathic dreaming.

Sam brought up an interesting idea of the friendship paradox, where on social media, your friends have more friends than you. Buying twitter followers and paying people to be there by you to be your friend – is this part of the motto “there’s strength in numbers”. Social media has had a great control over our self-esteem like when we follow people and don’t get followed back and we are hurt by it. Or when we get less than 100 likes on an Instagram picture and we delete it because not enough people think we are pretty enough or funny enough – nothing is ever enough. We talk about this and the topics below with Melissa.

  • Talking to ghosts through psychic mediums
  • What Gaudi’s ghost thinks of La Sagrada Familia today, 90 years after his death
  • La Calle BCN: the underground press in Barcelona