People On The Grid Interview with Sergi Tarragona

People On The Grid with Sergi Tarragona

In this, People On The Grid podcast Sergi Tarragona, founder of Cloud Co-working at only 25 years old! Barcelona has recently transformed itself as a co-working hotspot. Cloud Coworking brings together an international community of entrepreneurs with currently 15 different nationalities. Sharing knowledge and helping others out – is the foundation of Cloud Coworking.


People On The Grid Interview with Valerie Aubert Pietri

People On The Grid with Valérie Aubert Pietri

Today we met with Valérie Aubert Pietri, co-founder of Apocapoc Coworking Space and inspiring sustainable living leader. In our interview, she discusses her journey as well as the importance of sustainability in her lifestyle. She hopes to inspire people to change their daily habits to be more sustainable – by changing their diets and many little things such as buying second-hand clothes, riding your bicycle and using windows to cool and heat your home. (more…)


People On The Grid with Sue Flack

Theatre has been around long before 4th century B.C., and today it is still very present in almost all cultures. In Barcelona, there are multiple theatres with plays to please folks of all ages and there are even a several English plays to accommodate the growing expat and English speaking community! (more…)

People On The Grid Interview with Maisa Perk and Mitsi Ito

People On The Grid with Maisa Perk and Mitsi Ito African Fashion Week

African Fashion Week in Spain was created by SOS AFRICA as part of its vision to promote solidarity and raise awareness of the human and cultural values in Africa. This week’s special People On The Grid guests Maisa Sally-anna Perk and Mitsi Ito tell us all about the much-awaited upcoming Africa Fashion Week in Barcelona, taking place in the EL BORN Centre Cultural i Memòria.  (more…)

People On The Grid Interview with Sarah Bayaidah

People On The Grid with Sarah Bayaidah

Sarah Bayaidah travels all around the world creating heart-shaped bicycle routes to inspire people to follow their hearts! What got her onto this path? Listen to our #PeopleOnTheGrid #podcast #interview with her to find out what inspired her and how she founded Cycle Your Heart Out, the world’s first heart-shaped cycling & wellbeing initiative!