Get to Know Our Speakers: Purposeful Leadership Roundtable Discussion

Here at People On The Grid,  we are excited for the roundtable discussion we are hosting on September 20th. Not only will we get to hear the importance of purposeful leadership and the tangible impact it has on businesses, but we will be in Cloud Coworking’s beautiful roof top space.

As we get ready for this event, we want to share some information about our speakers so you can get to know them and their work before the event starts. All of our speakers are experienced leaders in their fields and practice purposeful leadership themselves. At our roundtable discussion we will hear them discuss this practice and how they have seen it change work culture.


  1. Mehdi J. Alaoui, Growth Strategy and Business Development at GE Renewable

Mehdi has extensively worked in finance since working with Paris based audit firms Grant Thornton and KPMG in 2001. After his work with these firms, he joined Alstom’s finance department in 2007 working in different leadership roles. In 2013 Mehdi was promoted to CFO of Alstom Wind Offshore and Offshore segments. When General Electric acquired Alstom in 2016, Mehdi continued as a leader in finance and presently works as Growth Strategy & Business Development for GE Renewable Wind EMEA.

Through his work in finance Mehdi has used purposeful leadership as a way to improve the companies he works for. Mehdi uses his financial role as a way to ensure that the company works comprehensively towards its goals. He believes is leading by example from top to bottom. This proactive style aligns all employees to effectively accomplish their goals.  


2. Koert Grever, Education for Business Leaders with Purpose at IESE

Koert has a background in business consulting and leadership development. Before working IESE, he worked in business development and consulting for companies like Oracle and CMC. Between his position at IESE and working for CMC, Koert was a freelance consultant for entrepreneurs from 2010 to 2012. He is currently working for IESE and works with business directors and managers to develop their leadership skills.

Koert teaches company leaders the principles of purposeful leadership to improve business performance. He strives to create leaders who make “lasting and positive impacts on their companies.” By teaching this mindset to executives, they are equipped with the skills to recreate this leadership style in their own businesses.


3. Sorin Tomus, expert in Leadership and Change management

Sorin has dedicated his career to leadership development and coaching. He previously worked for Fabory as managing director starting in 2006 where he optimize the company’s business model and work culture through his leadership. He started working as a freelance consultant for business development this past January 2018. In his current position he helps businesses build effective teams that strengthen the identity of a company as well as change management and sales force effectiveness.

Sorin focuses on developing the work culture in companies to make them more proactive and successful. He believes that making businesses more profitable and productive creates an environment that promotes learning and growth for its employees.


4. Arit Balcells Alexander, CEO and Co founder of LALO Experience

Arit began her career in team building and motivation with IESE in 2007. In her position as as Program Manager for the International Department of IESE Business School, Arit developed and managed programs that helped business leaders and teams work on skills that made them more effective in their careers. After her role with IESE she continued working with Viatges World Business Travel as a team-building director. With this position she would create and manage events related to building skills and company culture. She now is the CEO and Co-Founder of LALO Experience where she creates projects for companies to build leadership and morale.

Arit bases the foundation of her business on four pillars: conscious leadership, teams, emotion, and lean management. She helps businesses by creating a positive and united culture that inspires passion and happiness in the workplace. Arit does this by working with the leadership in companies who then create this new work culture in their own businessess.


5. Carlos Piera Serra, founder and CEO for Delivering Happiness Spain

Carlos began his work with purposeful leadership in 2009. He began working with Grupo CMR as a sales associate innovator, where he created projects aimed at improving sales, customer service, and leadership. In 2011 he began  collaborating with Delivering Happiness to make the business model that the company use to improve their business. In 2012 he helped launch the business into the Spanish market and became CEO of Delivering Happiness Spain that same year.

Purposeful leadership is the basis of his company. Through his work, Carlos helps businesses create a better work environment for its employees to boost morale and give purpose to their work. He feels that when employees are happy in their career they are more dedicated and perform better.


6. Zsuzsa Csuvár, Director of Customer Care for

Zsuzsa specializes in problem solving. She began working for in 2015 as a Customer Advocate. She then became a Customer Education manager and then was promoted to her current position as Director of Customer Care. She has helped her company declutter and streamline to find the most effective and inclusive solution. Her role requires her to manager her department in a way that brings the most happiness to her customers and colleagues.

Zsuzsa is able to do this by implementing purposeful leadership. Communication and listening are aspects of purposeful leadership she practices herself when working.




Now that your know their background, be sure to see them in-person as they discuss purposeful leadership. This practice is something all of our speakers are passionate about and have dedicated their careers to. You can learn more about purposeful leadership and how it can change your business by coming to our roundtable discussion on September 20th at 7 PM, located in Cloud Coworking’s space.

To RSVP or see more information about the event, click on this Facebook event link:

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