People On The Grid with Regina Sommer: Storytelling

Regina is a pioneer of the German storytelling scene. She established a house of stories and tales in her hometown of Aachen (Border city between Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany) in 1996 to engage a German-speaking storyteller network and bring storytelling back into people’s memory. Continue reading “People On The Grid with Regina Sommer: Storytelling”

The Ins and Outs of Storytelling

We all know the fairy tales from when we were little. From little red riding hood until the little mermaid. All those stories we can tell from detail. That is the power of storytelling. The story is graved into your mind.

Storytelling is an important and fun way of communication. Nowadays it has been used more and more in companies to communicate their story in a way that people are astonished by what they hear. Like I said the best thing about storytelling is that you will never forget one detail about the story you’ve heard.

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