We all know the fairy tales from when we were little. From little red riding hood until the little mermaid. All those stories we can tell from detail. That is the power of storytelling. The story is graved into your mind.

Storytelling is an important and fun way of communication. Nowadays it has been used more and more in companies to communicate their story in a way that people are astonished by what they hear. Like I said the best thing about storytelling is that you will never forget one detail about the story you’ve heard.

What people often forget is that storytelling goes way back. Like the oldest surviving story until the day of today, is the story of Gilgamesh a famous king of Egypt. His sons entertained their father with stories. People may think that this was the beginning of storytelling. But nobody knows when the first real story was born. A primitive hunter in his cave could have told the first story to his hunter family. You will never know.

Before people learned how to write, they had to rely on their memories to learn anything. Because of that, the people respected all storytellers in the country. A storyteller was somebody who travelled with stories. They were shared with others in far away lands and in that way a lot of people learned the stories.

By the time writing and using media came along, stories have been carved, painted, printed, recorded and filmed. Oral stories continue to be told and created and storytelling became more and more important for corporations who wanted their own story.

Telling a story is a way to connect people with each other. They connect by the feeling of being related and attached to the story. Storytelling is like a bridge that is holding people together. Companies nowadays know that and are really into making their own stories, to connect people with their brands. For example chipotle with their amazing story about their sustainable food. They want to connect people with their brand who are willing to eat sustainable foods and want to change the world by being eco friendly.

I’ll leave the link for the video here, a must watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUtnas5ScSE

In this blog, I described storytelling for a little bit. Just to get you curious. When you are eager to learn a bit more about   storytelling, you must listen to our new podcast next week with the most amazing storyteller Regina Sommer! She will be interviewed and tell you more about storytelling and what makes a good story.

Felicia Vervaet – The Grid BCN