People On The Grid with SlowMov

People On The Grid Interview with SlowMov

Tucked away on a back street in the barrio of Gràcia, is the hip artisan café SlowMov. At SlowMov they serve freshly roasted and specially crafted coffee, that promotes the philosophy of ‘collaboration within societies’.

In this People On The Grid podcast, Carmen Callizo and François Justet discuss the start of SlowMov and how they embrace the concept of slow, diligent processes of elements that are required to make artisanal products. The SloMov community lives by the philosophy of ‘collaboration within societies.’ They work and want to show people how processes and timing in creation works. They are also looking to expand their drink range and are working with some partners on providing beer, wine, and juice to customers. They are transitioning to an online shop, for ease of access. They tell us the difficulties of maintaining the website and the products.

Here, they select from the best producers of coffee in the world. They are focused on ethical production, organic and certified products. They work with 100% Arabica varieties. Our range of coffees evolves according to the season, and we adapt the roasting profiles to get the best of each coffee bean.

They love what they do, so much that they are actively attending “cuppings” which are like coffee tastings. SloMov is changing the way you buy coffee, going straight to the producers – in turn, they tell the producers stories to customers, have more information and a deeper connection. SloMov is storytelling for coffee lovers here in Barcelona.

Learn more about them here