People On The Grid with Jessica Boston

People On The Grid Interview Jessica Boston

Jessica Boston is a practitioner of Cognitive Hypnotherapy based in Barcelona. It is different from traditional schools of hypnotherapy. It is an approach that uses principles of neuroscience to change the way you experience the world and redefine deep-rooted beliefs. It is more flexible and produces long last results.

She uses her expertise for the aid of her clients, helping them overcome a wide range of issues, and giving them control over the way they think and feel. Jessica is a big fan of 50’s decor like Elvis.

With hypnosis, there is a shift in focus – from one point to another. Like with pain once we acknowledge it, we have to deal with it. We prime ourselves and put all of our energy into solving it. With cognitive hypnotherapy is very simply put “think the pain away”.  Tricks of the mind? When you see it you feel it? We discuss all of this and more with Jess. She can help her clients with common issues such as stress and anxiety, weight loss, language confidence, etc. Jessica also has weight loss services called “Why Weight? If not now, when?”

We had fun with Jessica, whether you’re just curious or want a consultation. Listen to the podcast. It gives great insight.


Visit Jessica’s website for more information here