Fuel 4 Fridays: Finding Your Authentic Self and The Power of Digital Marketing

In this week’s #Fuel4Fridays, we are joined by Marc Dufraisse from AutentiCoach and Antonio Esposito from Lucas Fox. They who chatted with us about the growth of augmented reality technology, the importance of being authentic to yourself and your goals, the power of digital marketing in our generation, and the real estate business in Barcelona. We learned a lot, and you don’t want to miss out. They talk the talk, and they walk the walk. It’s a good time to buy, and the Lucas Fox employees have done just that. Barcelona is a great city and is a good investment. Our other major topic this week was augmented reality, VR is changing media and technology drastically, brands, companies, and people should embrace this into their marketing campaigns. What can peoples do to bring authenticity into marketing and your sales pitch?  Trust and relationships facilitate authenticity. Pushing products over clients is what takes away from your relationships and can have a negative impact on your sales. Realness is something else to take into account. But how can you be real online? Orienting your content in a way that is truly representative of you, and your products/ services.

“The Great Gig In The Sky” by Pink Floyd
“Hello” by Evanescence
“L’Homme Pressé” by Noir Désir
“Ain’t Your Mama” by Jennifer Lopez

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