People On The Grid with Dr. Dulamdary Enkhtor

In this podcast, done by Andrej Klemenčič, we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Dulamdary Enkhtor a coach and organizational consultant at Synergy Experts. She is a psychologist who focuses on addressing the individual, human side of an organization and applies it in Corporate Wellness training to create holistic leadership and team-building programs, which are thought-provoking and as unique as the person who facilitates them.

Making the best use of her message which surpasses standard definitions of coaching and leans on her extensive experience as a psychologist, Dary’s clients learn that fine-tuning your senses to the pool of basic interhuman relations are one of the key components to successfully building larger, well-functioning structures within organizations.

Corporate Wellbeing as 2 dimensions, the first being: the wellbeing of the employees for a company, and the second one being an organization collective level. Corporate wellbeing is a new concept, but it getting a lot of attention because it speaks to the holistic sense of the world. The modern day world and the millennials in the workforce are searching for more than just money, they are looking for a deeper meaning. Achieving a holistic sense of purpose and balance in the workforce and drive the growth of interest in Corporate Wellbeing.

Her joie de vivre creates a beautiful symbiosis with the sunny streets of Barcelona.


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