Fuel 4 Fridays: The Body Empathy Coach

Is your body important to you? Why? What is the best way to take care of it? These are the types of questions you can hear in today’s Fuel 4 Fridays radio show, but this time it’s our guest asking us! Today, we interviewed a visionary thought leader in the field of body wellness: Anand Eisenstodt, a “Body Empathy Coach”. He shares some of his valuable experiences and tips on self-care, reducing stress, and how to maintain optimal health for yourself, using completely natural methods. He tells us about the three most important aspects of the body.

Listen to the show to find out what they are and hear Anand’s answers to questions like these:

  • What got you started in body wellness?
  • What exactly is Body Empathy?
  • What techniques do you use to help people?
  • What kinds of programs do you teach to help people care for their own body?
  • What kind of a role does breathing play in body wellness?

Anand also offers some great discounts to our listeners for a limited time! Check it out:

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Schedule a complimentary CREATE YOUR IDEAL BODY strategy session with Anand Eisenstodt, pioneer and visionary thought leader in the fields of stress management, body care, fitness training, and natural healing.

You can contact him here: bodyempathy@gmail.com or call 637 56 14 36

Month of August only special discount rates of 50% off normal price for Body Empathy sessions with Anand Eisenstodt in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Body Empathy Anti-Stress Massage Treatment
  • Body Empathy Breathing Basics (breathing normalization program)
  • Body Empathy Direct Relaxation (muscular relaxation program)

*Extra Bonus* Send an email (or call) to request free recording on how to breathe naturally at all times:

Free Recording: DO YOU BREATHE BACKWARDS?  “Control your breathing or your breathing will control you.” by Anand Eisenstodt

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