Food Waste and Food Markets: How the World is Evolving

This Wednesday, June 14th, we will be hosting The Grid Talks: Food Waste panel discussion at Cloud Coworking at 7 pm. Recently, food waste has become both an environmental and social problem, but what does it really mean? Here we are featuring a brief introduction into the issue, but it will be discussed in depth at our panel discussion.

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People On The Grid with Chef Emily Szajda

We had the honor of joining Emily Szajda for an evening of dining and wining. We had a private cooking workshop with three different foods prepared. Recipes will be provided below!. If you liked what you saw and want to take part in a cooking class visit! Check out our recent interview with Emily here!

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People On The Grid with Food Tourism App

This week on People On The Grid by Katrina Logie, we chat about a Food Tourism App. We met with the Co-Founder of Bitemojo, Michael Weiss and the Co-Founder of Barcelona Eat Local, Marina Manasyan. In our interview, we talked about both Michael and Marina’s respective companies and then what lead them to collaborate on a project that involves two of my favourite things: food and tourism. Food-urism.  Continue reading “People On The Grid with Food Tourism App”

People On The Grid with Uay Balam

If there was one place that I could live for the rest of my life where would it be? A bakery, more specifically Uay Balam. This lovely bakery is located in Gracia and has two wonderful owners. During our interview, we talked desserts, Mayan synchrony and more. Continue reading “People On The Grid with Uay Balam”

New In The Food & Farming Industry

Food and Innovation are two words that don’t usually go together, but now in 2017, these two seemingly polar opposite words are being used to re-define the food industry. Other words like “organic” or “sustainably grown” are hash-tagged everywhere. Continue reading “New In The Food & Farming Industry”

Christmas Food Traditions Around the World

When it comes to Christmas dinner it isn’t normal for us to have the same kind of dinner like every year. But aren’t we a bit curious about what other cultures eat during the most wonderful time of the year? Here we share some Christmas food traditions from around the world.

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People On The Grid with La Moodstore

In this week’s, People On The Grid Podcast, we chatted with Pablo Bermejo and Baptiste Vilanova from La Moodstore, which is concept store involving design, drinking and eating. It’s a great hidden place to be discovered in the El Born barrio.

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Tech Startups in the Fight Against Food Waste

People waste an outrageous amount of food. Between farmers, manufacturers, grocery stores and consumers, more than 1.3 billion tonnes of consumable food were tossed away last year. That’s enough to build a mountain 3 kilometres wide and 2500 meters high.

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Forget the Mall: Let’s Go to the Public Market

Every neighbourhood in Barcelona is blessed with its own market. Locals have the convenience of grabbing fresh and organic products anytime they want all the while appreciating the beauty of their very own market. It’s also important to notice how, unlike supermarkets, which tend to sell plastic-wrapped products, public markets are as much sustainable as they are enjoyable.

Whether you have an interest for handicraft or you want to satisfy your inner foodie, Barcelona has the market for you. Here is our diverse list of the trends at some of the best public markets in Barcelona.

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