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People On The Grid Interview with Bitemojo

This week on People On The Grid by Katrina Logie, we chat about a Food Tourism App. We met with the Co-Founder of Bitemojo, Michael Weiss and the Co-Founder of Barcelona Eat Local, Marina Manasyan. In our interview, we talked about both Michael and Marina’s respective companies and then what lead them to collaborate on a project that involves two of my favourite things: food and tourism. Food-urism. Michael told us where his idea came from and the background of the market. Then we time traveled from the past to the present and future and discussed introducing Bitemojo at a global level, which is where Marina comes in. Food is such an important aspect of travel, and Bitemojo is looking to provide tourists and world travelers opportunities to eat real, authentic, cultural food in the country that they are visiting. Plus helping the local economy is never a bad thing. Listen here for more! And give both companies a try! We know we will.

Check out both companies on facebook and thier websites

Barcelona Eat


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