“Katrina is the first journalist I have met since I started my career as energy coach. The only thing I can tell that I have been incredibly lucky to meet her as she is a brilliant, curious and interactive interviewer, who always had relevant questions concerning my activity. She is also a great event planner as she officially introduced me to her international network of expats for a talk where I could promote my business, with a lot of success!” – Clement Bazan, Co-Funder My Sensei

“Working with Katrina for the last month has been an incredible learning experience. Her expertise in multiple industries, ability to think outside the box, and compassion for others has inspired me to push boundaries and brings a fresh perspective to the table. Collaborating with Katrina has been an enriching experience and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her will feel the same.”  – Isabella Rosinski, Connect 123

“It was lovely to sit down with Katrina and the On the Grid Team to talk a little about my wine tasting business. It was informal, fun and I really enjoyed it. It’s refreshing to see people taking an interest in the small businesses of Barcelona and I’m very glad I had the chance to meet the team.”- Fintan Kerr, Co-Founder and Head Educator at Rack & Return

“Passion, determination, and eager to help with her voice, with the way to connect people and being a great ambassador for ENQUIRY and for many other projects, so diverse and encouraging, this are some of the main qualities that one can perceive from being in contact with Katrina. I say thank you for your support, for the space, time and inspiration as well. Friends and colleagues like you are what is making the change and transformation to a better world closer and closer.” – Steven Pineda, Director at NGO Pentagon Wave of R&D

“I came across meeting Katrina out of pure luck,  or I might say I met her through another marvelous person. Well, I connected immediately with her. She is very unique and special,  connecting people from all over the world with  a common ground  “doers and shakers”. Katrina has a marvelous voice which is her top asset, but also she transmits caring and interest for all.  She brings out the best of people by getting to the nitty gritty. Katrina is a charming and a beautiful person.” – Elena McCarthy, Partner and holistic dental hygenist, Tingsvall McCarthy

“Each time I’ve worked with Katrina, she’s impressed upon me her dedication, enthusiasm and her get-up-and-get-on-with-it attitude to doing business. She combines a professional knowledge and communication skills with a friendly, down-to-earth approach making every project smooth and successful.” Ian Gibbs, Learning Specialist at Pablo Ruiz Picasso Institute

It was great fun working with Katrina at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) with Dell Sponsorship in Mar-2016. She is extremely professional and focuses on the company’s promotional and marketing needs. She  delivers a story by assisting in structuring the interviews to ensure the company’s message is understood by the audience and aligning to the right audience.  Katrina has great people skills and is great at connecting and organising events. We have scheduled a few interviews, one open talk during MWC “How Startups work with Big Businesses” and a radio interview to get exposure to the small business community.  – Seena Saini, Co-Founder & CFO Fantoo

“Katrina is an inspiring thought leader who makes a difference in the truest sense of those words. Her work gives a voice to projects and people having a positive impact on our lives. Katrina has conscientious and personable character, and collaborating with her is straightforward and enjoyable.” – Ilkka Salo, COO and Co-Founder Tesseract Investment

“Katrina has a great nose for hunting out interesting projects. She’s excited by potential and people, and is great at connecting the two.” – Alberto and Ella, Founders of Espai Egg 

“I am incredibly blessed to have so serendipitously met Katrina. She is a pleasure to work with. Together with her team, they are very organized and professional. Katrina is genuine, easy to talk to and passionate about what she does. I love Katrina’s energy and ability to connect with people and help others succeed in their career pursuits. I look forward to continued collaborations with Katrina and wish her all the best with her work.” – Emily Szajda, Author and Speaker

“Katrina is truly driven to creating a community of movers and shakers within the Barcelona scenario. She interviewed us for her podcast People on the Grid and we were impressed about the real interest she had in what we do and the amazing feedback she gave us afterwards.  Beyond connecting people, Katrina empowers individuals and startups within our community of innovators.” – Agustin Iglesias Villacampa, Co-Founder Crumbit Team