People On The Grid with Emily Dawn Szajda

People On The Grid Interview with Emily Dawn Szjada

In this week’s People On The Grid podcast, we met up with Emily Dawn Szajda. Emily has many talents and wears many hats. She is a professional chef, writer, yoga instructor, and sports nutritionist. Where her passion is in food, she finds herself spending a lot of time writing. Emily enjoys her busy schedule; it keeps things interesting and never dull. Right now she is working for a Private Barcelona University doing content management. While her first book will be coming out very soon, Emily also does a lot of writing for her wellness blog and healthy sustainable recipes. Emily has also found an interest in making YouTube cooking tutorials that are healthy and delicious. Emily is a pastry chef, so her knowledge of the sweet matches her interest in the savoury. Sweet treats and healthy eating, an odd pairing, but it seems to work well. From getting to know Emily, we now know what is like to struggle and turn those hardships into positive, life-changing experiences. Do you believe in Serendipity? Emily does.

To learn more about Emily, what brought her to Barcelona and her plans, listen below and check out her website . Emily’s book Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl is set to be released early 2018. Give it a read!


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