Buzzword: The Future Of Work and Ways It’s Changing

If I were to re-write a dictionary, I would include a section called “Buzzwords,” words that are overused in the professional working world and just in life in general. Some of those words would be networking, innovation, synergy, dynamics, millennials and all those other words that we kind of role our eyes at now. But for the purpose of this blog post I am going to be talking about my most recent buzzword “Future of Work” I guess it’s more of a phrase, but regardless it’s buzzing. Continue reading “Buzzword: The Future Of Work and Ways It’s Changing”

Digital Nomadery: The 21st Century Way of Work

Who doesn’t love to travel? It’s 2016, and everyone seems to have caught the travel bug. Even a new lifestyle is emerging to accommodate this widespread desire to see the world: Digital Nomadery. I’m sure you’ve all heard of at least one person living this lifestyle. Jumping from city to city, working from their laptop, all while sight-seeing and partying with people from all over the world.

Welcome to the new working dream. The classic 9 to 5 working lifestyle is becoming “passé”, and if you want to keep up with times, you better start thinking differently.

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The Culture of a Collaborative Economy

When I decided to live and work in Barcelona this summer, I had no idea what the concept of “collaborative economy” was. After just a few days in the city, I soon realized that this type of business practice has emerged as a very significant part of the culture and the economy of not just Barcelona, but many cities across the world.

A collaborative economy is one in which businesses are based on horizontal practices and the participation of the community. This type of model runs on trust and closer relationships between the producer and the consumer.

The collaboration is often virtual, interacting with online networks and building communities of people from around the world. However, many cities also utilize in-person, peer-to-peer networking and interaction between companies based in the same area. Continue reading “The Culture of a Collaborative Economy”

Challengers Conference: Are Insects the Future of Food?

Last weekend we attended Challengers, a conference bringing speakers at the forefront of disruption, change, policy and maintaining the humanity’s and Earth’s survival and its constant advancement. The speakers, also called “challengers” share their experience, knowledge and ideas to allow more people to either get involved, support or collaborate to help their projects and initiatives succeed.

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