Last weekend we attended Challengers, a conference bringing speakers at the forefront of disruption, change, policy and maintaining the humanity’s and Earth’s survival and its constant advancement. The speakers, also called “challengers” share their experience, knowledge and ideas to allow more people to either get involved, support or collaborate to help their projects and initiatives succeed.


We loved the topics discussed from Humanities to the Future of Food and more. Good intentions and good vibes were felt around the room and we were inspired to challenge ourselves in our actions as well as in our thoughts too!

In the Future of Food discussions, there was much talk of insects, one by Leslie Ziegler from Bitty Foods! In one of our latest podcasts (find link below), we tried insect protein bars, and now have tried some cricket crisps at the Challengers event! Both of these snacks were surprisingly delicious and a more sustainable source of protein than eating meat!

Eating insects may be the solution to the global food crisis. If eating insects became mainstream, we could reduce 18% of greenhouse gasses, reclaim 30% of the world’s land mass that is being used for livestock and lower the cost of food around the world by 33%. To help understand how this makes sense, it takes 1 gallon of water to produce 1 pound of crickets, but 2500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef.
However, during the talk there was still some resistance for those following a vegetarian and vegan diet. They claim that a plant based diet is still more sustainable than eating insects, and that eating insects is considered cruel as it is eating a living being.

What do you think about eating insects? Let’s start a conversation! We think it’s a great step towards more sustainable food choices!

Danielle Marquis