Hidden Places in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city with countless famous attractions and landmarks. If you are here for only a week or two, it is of course necessary to check all of the tourist-y places off your list.  If you’re lucky enough to spend more than a few days in Barcelona however, you might want to explore some of these less known, off-the-beaten-path and hidden places the city has to offer. (more…)

BizBarcelona 2016: Management Lifehacks “Between Friends”

Every year, BizBarcelona features dozens of amazing educational presentations. From building a startup company in 48 hours to online marketing, any entrepreneur can find something to take away from this business fair. This year, one of the speeches stood out as especially valuable, because the information you take from it could benefit you not just in entrepreneurship, but any work environment and even non-professional areas of your life.


Summer Solstice Around the World

This week, people all around the world will be celebrating one of the most anticipated events of the year–the summer solstice. The sun is at its highest point, resulting in the longest time between sunrise and sunset of all the other days of the year.

In most cultures throughout the world, the summer solstice is much more than just observing the tilt of the Earth in relation to the sun. It is celebrated with many festivals, rituals, and celebrations to recognize this unique day of light. Let’s go on a journey around the world to discover these diverse traditions.


Tourism in Barcelona

Sweet summertime in Barcelona! Sunshine, beach days, and tourists, flocks and flocks of tourists. You can’t really go anywhere no matter how much of a local spot it is without seeing families, friends, or large groups on holiday. The beaches and streets went from already being busy to being packed with barely any room to walk.

Just how is tourism affecting Barcelona?

Ever since the Olympic Games were hosted here in 1992, Barcelona has greatly benefited. Barcelona is a great example of how a city can quickly develop a tourism industry after the Olympics. The benefits of this would of course be money. Money from tourism has resulted in new jobs, new roads, buildings, restaurants and many more good things. Today, about 14% of Barcelona’s economy is made up of tourism. (more…)

Challengers Conference: Are Insects the Future of Food?

Last weekend we attended Challengers, a conference bringing speakers at the forefront of disruption, change, policy and maintaining the humanity’s and Earth’s survival and its constant advancement. The speakers, also called “challengers” share their experience, knowledge and ideas to allow more people to either get involved, support or collaborate to help their projects and initiatives succeed.


Festivals in Barcelona

It’s almost summer! I am so excited for all the sunshine and beach days (finally, after all the rain we’ve had!). With summer comes many activities to do and festivals to visit in Barcelona. How to figure out what to do?? We’ve got you covered here at The Grid BCN!

Looking for a fun way to kick off your summer? Coming up in just a week is the Primavera Sound Festival. It runs from June 1-5. Primavera Sound is the biggest Indie and alternative music festival in the world! According to Time Out, Primavera Sound is the number 1 festival in the world. This is going to be something you don’t want to miss.