Buzzword: Millennials – The Most Talked About Generation

Bringing back the buzzword concept (words that people are tired of hearing/ overused). The term “Millennials” is used to define the generation that was born close to or during the New Millennial – wow, a very non-complicated explanation. Because this is a fairly recent generation, nobody has clearly defined the lines for the start and finish. Some people say 1980’s – 2000, some say 1980- 2005, and some say 1980 – 1995. As a twenty-year-old (born 1996) sometimes I am classified as a Millennial, and sometimes I am not. Throughout this entire post, I am going to count how many times I use the word Millennial and tell you the total at the end. I too will have probably overused it. This Generation is also referred to as Generation Y. So let’s try and use that more than the “M” word.


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Buzzword: The Future Of Work and Ways It’s Changing

If I were to re-write a dictionary, I would include a section called “Buzzwords,” words that are overused in the professional working world and just in life in general. Some of those words would be networking, innovation, synergy, dynamics, millennials and all those other words that we kind of role our eyes at now. But for the purpose of this blog post I am going to be talking about my most recent buzzword “Future of Work” I guess it’s more of a phrase, but regardless it’s buzzing. (more…)