Food Waste and Food Markets: How the World is Evolving

This Wednesday, June 14th, we will be hosting The Grid Talks: Food Waste panel discussion at Cloud Coworking at 7 pm. Recently, food waste has become both an environmental and social problem, but what does it really mean? Here we are featuring a brief introduction into the issue, but it will be discussed in depth at our panel discussion.


People On The Grid Interview Sofie Amalie Damkjaer

People On The Grid with Sofie Amalie Damkjær Østensgård & WeFood

In this week’s People On The Grid, we discuss food waste with Sofie Amalie Damkjær Østensgård from WeFood. WeFood is located in Denmark, and it is the first food surplus supermarket there. It was opened through an NGO Charity, that saw the high amounts of food waste in the country as a problem that could be fixed.