People On The Grid with La Moodstore

In this week’s, People On The Grid Podcast, we chatted with Pablo Bermejo and Baptiste Vilanova from La Moodstore, which is concept store involving design, drinking and eating. It’s a great hidden place to be discovered in the El Born barrio.

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Dine & Dash – Forgetting to Pay or Choosing Not To?

My story about the one time I dined and dashed. I actually forgot to pay

I stared at the bottom of my foam-stained coffee cup; silently mourning the loss of the soothing warmth the caffeinated beverage had so briefly offered me. Maybe just one more for the road, my conscience murmured enticingly. You’ve earned it. In reality, my sluggish mind was trying to find a reason to justify putting off the long walk back home, at least for a little while…

I abruptly cut my reverie short – another intern was expecting me on the other side of town before long and I was already running late. I refused to use being in Barcelona, Spain, where it is customary for people to be a few minutes behind schedule, as an excuse to dawdle any longer than I already had. Continue reading “Dine & Dash – Forgetting to Pay or Choosing Not To?”