People On The Grid with Andrej Klemencic

People On The Grid Interview with Andrej Klemencic

Does the way we speak matter in business? According to Andrej Klemencic it does, and we are sold! Listen to our latest #PeopleOnTheGrid podcast with the CEO and lead coach of ProSpeech Coaching!

Andrej believes you can turn weaknesses into strengths and with his ability to coach in 6 languages, he can accommodate a large client base. From his early days to his future plans, Andre proves himself to not only be an incredible speaker, but a very interesting man as well.

Andrej’s professional profile is dynamic. His passion for culture has driven his diverse career as a film critic, radio and TV presenter, a journalist and editor, a foreign correspondent, and a journalism trainer in different countries. He also spends time reviewing classical music for international publications. As an English professor for International Business Graduate studies, Andrej shows his students that there is more to the use of language than a group of well-organized sentences. He transfers his passion for language into business ventures to help companies find their core message and deliver it efficiently.  A speaker of six languages, three native, he focuses on converting the message, rather than translating it.

Andrej will be collaborating with us and interviewing some guests. We can’t wait to see what comes from this partnership!



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