The Future Is Now: Virtual Reality Edition

We already told you that in 2017 virtual reality is going to be on of the biggest trends, and will skyrocket in use. To see where we are now with VR, we should look at where we started off. I was at a Facebook 360 presentation the other day, and in it, they said: “virtual reality is a trial and error process, you try it out, it doesn’t work, you start over again.” Before I go any further, I guess I should explain what Virtual Reality (VR) is. It’s pretty straight forward. VR is a computer-generated environment. When you put on the VR headset you ‘step’ into a different virtual world. Hence, Virtual Reality. (more…)

POTG Video Interview with Stuart Jones

People On The Grid with Stuart Jones (Coworkation)

In this People On The Grid episode, we interview Stuart Jones, founder of Coworkation. This innovative company organises short coworking retreats in stunning locations around the world, offering adventure and fun while enabling fresh perspectives and insights, cultivating inspiration, and connecting people. For even more information on who they are and how they achieve their vision, visit their website at! (more…)

POTG Video Interview at Sonar 2016

People On the Grid: Sonar 2016

This year at Sonar 2016, we got to interview so many interesting people about their interesting projects. These interviews give us a closer look at innovative and exciting new technology such as a real-time music composer that makes original tunes based on your surroundings, and objects that can empathise with their users! Watch to learn more about these and many more ideas! (more…)