People On The Grid with Daniel Hires

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure to meet with Daniel Hires for our People On The Grid podcast.  With him we talked about his fascinating past, his past projects, what brought him to Barcelona and what he is doing now. He has a passion for green innovation and sustainability.

Daniel Hires life seems a little a movie, born in South Korea, raised in Germany, moving to the United States, back to Germany, spending time in India; Daniel’s home is the entire world. Daniel’s current project The Switchers is a relatively new project, but his degree in Communications and his experience with other projects is what brought him here to Barcelona. We had a lovely time with Daniel and can’t wait to see where he goes! To learn more about him and his current project (The Switchers) under Switchmed, listen to the podcast or come to our event Thursday, March 16th, 2017!

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