Animated GiF: The Gender Gap and What Needs to be Done to Close It

Animated GiF March 10th

This Friday’s radio show is in celebration of International Women’s Day. Carrie Frais & Deborah Gray of Animated GiF discussed the gender gap here in Spain as well as in the rest of the world. What will it take to get more women in senior positions?

This week’s guests Caroline Courtier of the Professional Women’s Network and Meritxell Tarres of Lucas Fox International Properties share their thoughts with us. Some questions asked in todays show included: how close are women to getting equal pay for equal work? ,why are we still seeing so few women in senior roles?, and the topic of Emma Watson’s vanity fair cover photo controversy. Starting off the show with the excitement from the most recent FC Barcelona football (or soccer) game was a perfect segway into today’s topic. Listen here to find out what it was!

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