People On The Grid with Mar Cònsul Espona

Katrina Logie Interviewing Mar Consul

This morning, Thursday, March 9th People On The Grid meet with a strong, passionate and successful entrepreneur Mar Cònsul Espona. Mar’s work experience is the envy of any individual in the business world. She is led by her passions and has a thirst for learning and new experiences. Born in Barcelona, these passions and her adventurous soul took her to Boulder, Colorado, for the skiing, then to Hong Kong in 2005. As a traveling Entrepreneur, Mar Cònsul Espona found her niche in setting up and helping to build several successful companies from the ground up.  Eventually, looking for a new challenge, she returned to Barcelona and became a part of the Techstars team, a global entrepreneur ecosystem that empowers startups, innovation and new ideas from aspiring entrepreneurs. Her position in Techstars is responsible for new business development in Europe; she seeks to pair Corporate partners who are looking to innovate and collaborate with Start-ups.

With Mar the stories never end. In light of International Women’s Day a topic we brought up with Mar, and she had an empowering response. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear it. Go to 16 minutes to hear to this bit of the interview!

She is also a part of another project called BG Studio one, which creates startups. On startup project currently, is called Golders.Co, which is producing a candy that is meant to boost creativity and energy.Mar’s focus is on consumer products that are innovative and study market success.  To find out more about Golders.Co visit their website



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BG Studio one



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