Animated GiF: The Start-Ups Show

Carrie & Deborah get the lowdown on all things business today. From Entrepreneurs to start-ups to getting motivated at work, how to grow your business with business grants to key skills for entrepreneurs. Everything you need to know about starting your own business and pursuing your destiny. A warm welcome to out guests today; Jordi Boza of Barcelona Start-Up week, Marc Sanz of Barcelona Activa and Patricia Zeegers of Barcelona Basecamp.  Continue reading “Animated GiF: The Start-Ups Show”

Animated Gif: The Education Debate

This week Animated Gif talked about education. Among international parents, this is a hot topic that comes up regularly and often generates a heated discussion. Do you send your children to an International school? International schools are often English-speaking and follow a different educational curriculum. Or, do you send your children to a public school? In public schools the language of teaching is in Catalan and studies follow the Spanish curriculum.

Continue reading “Animated Gif: The Education Debate”

Animated Gif: The StreetChild Organization & Director Steve O’Brien

This week we started a Brand New Radio show called Animated Gif! Our two new radio hosts, Carrie Frais and Deborah Gray met with guest speaker, Steve O’Brien. Steve is one of the directors of the Charity Streetchild ( which is an organization that helps vulnerable children back into education in Africa. Listen here! Continue reading “Animated Gif: The StreetChild Organization & Director Steve O’Brien”