Animated GiF: The Start-Ups Show

Animated GiF Feb 24th

Carrie & Deborah get the lowdown on all things business today. From Entrepreneurs to start-ups to getting motivated at work, how to grow your business with business grants to key skills for entrepreneurs. Everything you need to know about starting your own business and pursuing your destiny. A warm welcome to out guests today; Jordi Boza of Barcelona Start-Up week, Marc Sanz of Barcelona Activa and Patricia Zeegers of Barcelona Basecamp. 

What a perfect time for the radio show to occur, with Mobile World Congress happening next week, and so many entrepreneurs and start-up businesses coming to Barcelona’s start-up week. MWC will bring in 1000plus extra people to beautiful Barcelona. Anyone involved in the mobile industry welcomes all, with events running in parallel. MWC offers opportunities for networking. Start-Ups should check out FYFN a conference, especially for Start-up businesses.

The mobile industry and presence of technology and the city infrastructure has made Barcelona the perfect place for Start-Ups. Key skills to have before embarking on your project; listen until the end of our show to hear tips and trick our wonderful guests offer. Find your success and reach for the star(t-ups). Be in control and don’t have fear. If you’re a believer in fate like me, you too believe that things all happen for a good reason.

Have a listen and found out how you can go it alone!


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