Although the Honey Festival might be new to Barcelona, Steve Rogenstein has been one of two organisers of the NYC Honey Festival in New York. Using his experience, he has prepared a unique and delicious festival that will be fun for the whole family. Come by the Parc de la Ciutadella the BCN Honey Festival on May 20, because it will be too sweet to miss.

The BCN Honey Fest offers everything you could dream of, from honey infused food and drinks to taste, to demonstrations and workshops, and a full program of interactive, educational, and fun activities all day for the entire family. A market area will be offering all honey and bee related goods from local vendors. Also featured, Bee Talks, a series of scientific and cultural presentations lasting only fifteen minutes each on the many aspects of honey and bee life.

However, what makes the BCN Honey Festival so sweet is its unique cause. The BCN Honey Festival, while also celebrating the deliciously sweet, focuses on the plight of the honeybees, who have faced a steadily declining population for the past thirty years. This is thought to be due to a reduction of habitat, the use of pesticides and even how bees are treated by keepers. As one of the largest pollinators in the world, they are responsible for one-third of what we eat.

So come by the BCN Honey Festival Saturday, May 20th, to celebrate sweet treats and our hard working little friends! 

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