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This weekend is April Fools, and we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the easiest to pull off a trick to play on your friends or family. What I like about April Fools is how everyone is on the edge of their seat being super cautious about getting pranked that sometimes that is the prank in itself. As a kid, I used to talk about pranking my parents but never actually followed through. Then when I was 17, my family welcomed athletes into our home to live with us for the year. These male athletes became like my brothers, and then those April Fools pranks started happening. I was both on the giving and receiving end of some super lame and high key pranks.


Not only can pranks be applied in personal life. But large corporations tend to get involved on the action too. Here is a list of some of the pranks larger corporations like McDonalds and Google have pulled off in previous years… what will they do this year?


Apparently, Google loves getting involved with April Fools jokes. Not only do they pull off just one, but it seems that every year the list get’s longer and longer. My favorite prank was last year’s Google Maps joke. Last year on April 1st, Google Maps would take you to Funky Town. Google will offer to send the address to Funky Town to your phone. If you clicked the link, the Google Maps app shows “Pegman” changing into disco clothes and dancing. Very fun. In 2015 Google Introduced the Dial-Up Mode for if the internet was moving too fast, you could switch onto dial-up mode and slow down the loading speed and be able to take a bathroom break.



In 2014, a McDonalds in Austria pulled off a prank for driver thru customers. At the window, unsuspecting customers would be greeted by various characters with their meals. From a make out sessions to a freaky horror movie character, or an arm wrestler. The customers had a very memorable drive through experience.


I love April Fools jokes, and I love when big companies indulge in the fun as well. It makes them more relatable and less monstrous. That being said, because April 1st is on Saturday, we want to give you some low budget, classic pranks to pull off on whoever you choose! So that not only can you enjoy the one’s businesses are doing but you can do some yourself.


On Time

Set up a plethora of alarm clocks in your friend’s room, going off every few minutes. Maybe even put some in hidden places, so they can’t turn them off. The good thing with this prank is you can pull the “I just wanted to make sure you weren’t going to be late for [ fill in the blank]” card.

What you’ll need: a phone, iPod, etc. with lots of alarms or a bunch of alarm clocks. You will also need to be quite and be light on your feet as to not disturb your friend/ family when you are setting up.


Caramel Treat

I don’t know about the rest of the world but, in Canada, apples tipped in caramel are a very popular treat. Make your friend a tasty caramel “apple” by simply using an onion instead. One bite and they’ll spit it back out. Want to get even more tricky? Make one onion and one apple. Just make sure you give them the onion one, and you eat the apple one – if you take the first bite, they won’t be so suspicious.

What you’ll need: a pot, caramel cubes, an onion and a stick. Maybe even an apple if you want to go all out. Or if you want to get legit some plastic wrap and a cute bow for presentation.


Confused in Style

Buy 5- 8 different sized hats that are all the same style. Start out with the smallest hat and every hour switch to the next biggest one. Even better if the color remains the same. P.S. this should only be pulled off if you’re a hat person. Otherwise, they might catch on rather quickly.

What you’ll need: 5-8 hats, and a straight face.


Loud Seat

Make your friends or co-workers stay awake and alert at work with this easy trick. Simply buy an air horn and tape it under their office chair, behind the door, with this prank you can get creative with your placement.

What you’ll need: an air horn, tape, a jumpy friend.


Numb Gums

If you want to give your roommate or family member a tooth brushing that will numb them from gums to tongue. Simply place maximum strength Orajel or any store purchasable numbing gel inside their toothpaste. When they go to brush their teeth, their mouth will be numb in seconds. If you don’t have access to toothpaste, you can always try their cigarettes, toothbrush, or any other thing they put in their mouth.

What you’ll need: Orajel or numbing cream, a gullible friend, something to put it on.


These pranks are easy to pull off and are always best served to an unsuspecting friend. Who would’ve thought that April Fools would be such an easy thing to pull off if you have the motivation and friends who can take a joke. What I like about the pranks above is that they are easy and low budget and don’t take a lot of effort on my part. Plus the after effects of the pranks are not so large that it would deter you from pulling them off. If you do any Jokes this weekend. Please let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear your experiences.


By Emma Edwards


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