People On The Grid with Carlota Simó

People On The Grid Interview with Carlota Simó

This week on People On The Grid, Katrina Logie interviewed Carlota Simó, a young artist in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat area of Barcelona. We met up with Carlota and talked about her art, inspiration, and other things that she is passionate about; like sustainability, “country living”, and minimalism. As a millennial, Carlota had a lot to share with us and we love her ideas. 

Carlota’s art is very fascinating, the sculpting she does is inspired by the 30’s and is eye catching. She recently has a show, in which she sold 4 pieces and now she says she can “sit back and relax for a while” and focus on creating new pieces. While getting to know Carlota we soon found that she is very passionate about sustainable living, she lives near Monserrat and commutes to Barcelona every day. She loves the simple and sustainable way of living.

If you are interested in Carlota’s work visit:

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