Animated GiF: Gibraltar, Non-Crying Babies, HIT and Why We Should All Be Avoiding White Bread

This week on Animated GiF, Carrie and Deborah sat down and chatted with Michelle Prayle from Bodyfit Barcelona and Nutritionist Carolina Harboe about all things health, fitness, and lifestyle. Based on recent events over in the UK, Brexit was yet again made an appearance. Segwaying into Babies and Breast Feeding, our guests shared their experiences with birth, babies, and motherhood. Tip: go to Denmark to avoid crying babies apparently.  Then we get into fitness and Bodyfit with Michelle. She explaied “hit and lit” to everyone high intesity training and low intesity training. Michelle develpoed the perfect mom’s workout that was short it time but super effective and tips on how to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine. Caroline then shared her views on health. Diet and exercise work in combination for everyone – becuase everyone is different and different things work for them. Listen for more insight into living a healthier you.