It’s official: with so many great artists in Barcelona, the artwork can no longer be contained within museums, and has started to flow throughout the streets. Street artists have created hundreds of masterpieces that are waiting to be discovered around every corner of the city.

On the neighbourhood block, the formal rules of art can be put aside, and each artist can express their creativity as boldly and unabashedly as they desire. While the museum or gallery may be reserved for the elite, this hasn’t stopped the disenfranchised and countercultural people of Barcelona from painting this city in their unique style. The streets have become a canvas for the people of Barcelona, freely expressing their dissatisfactions, their points of pride, or anything else which may come to mind.

Here’s our guide to some of the most impressive, innovative and outright gorgeous artwork you can find by walking around in Barcelona.

The World Begins With Every Kiss – Joan Fontcuberta

Where to find it: Plaça d’Isidre Nonell

The World Begins with Every Kiss










In 2014, Fontcuberta published a request in El Periódico, asking readers: “What does freedom mean to you?” Photographs came pouring in, and the artist began creating a grand mosaic of two lips interlocking. In the centre of El Born, you can now see the innovative 4000-photo mosaic, and potentially spend hours gazing at the beautiful ways Barcelonians express the word “freedom.” From jumps off of waterfalls to handholding on the beach, this mural contains much more than a simple kiss

Mural by Xupete Negre, SM172 & Konair

Where to find it: Plaça del Poble Romaní











Next to the playground in Placa del Poble Ramoni, its only natural that candy, ice cream and pacifiers would be painted along the walls. But thanks to notable Barcelona artists Xupete Negre, SM172 & Konair, these pieces of candy are filled with attitude. Each one has a mischievous facial expression, and seem to be smiling, yelling or otherwise excited to be in the playground. These characters are incredibly charming, and just as enjoyable for adults as they are for children.

Mural by BL

Where to find it: Carrer del Santuari














One of the most outlandish pieces to make it onto our list: near Park Güell, you can find a huge shark made up of 100 Euro bills. The massive artwork is thought to be an expression of outrage towards the 2008 financial crisis in Europe, and how it affected the residents of El Carmel. You’ll certainly be in awe by gazing at the scope of this masterpiece.

p_20160914_190144Mural by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

Where to find it: Carrer de la Selva de Mar, 215

Walking through Poblenou, its hard to miss this huge portrait on Carre de la Selva de Mar. The artist started with photographs of ten women from the local community, and masterfully created a composite of their facial traits. They soon became a landmark in Poblenou, as the ten women were then turned into a 29-meter high mural, watching over their neighbours and loved-ones.

There’s hundreds of masterpieces waiting to be discovered throughout Barcelona; and you don’t necessarily need to head to a museum to find them!

— Elias Rizek, The Grid BCN